MAM/PAMM Terminals

MAM – Multi Account Manager – a program that allows managers to trade simultaneously on behalf of multiple customers. Operates on a “copier” principle – it transmits the trades made on the master account to all slave accounts, where the trades are opened proportionally to the account equity.

PAMM – Partial Allocation Money Management system – similar to MAM program, but allows to split the trade between the same accounts the way it suites the money manager.

Both programs act as plugins to the MT4 trading terminal. Each plugin allows you to have 100 or more slave accounts under management. Each one or both can be supplied in conjunction with our White Label or used separately by an existing brokerage. If you would like to get more information about these money management tools please use the inquiry form to contact us.продвижение сайта: цены в москвекупить сетевые адаптер