Payment Solutions

Start accepting payments from your customers today!

We are able to provide various payment solutions for you to send and receive payments from your customers via our bank accounts and other payment facilities.
We know that to be able to receive customer deposits and to pay on time is very important for successful running of a financial business. We can provide a number of international and local options depending on your situation and needs.

We recognize that there is a need for such service because AML and KYC requirements differ from country to country and it could be difficult for some companies to be able to establish banking relationship with major banks and financial institutions. Sometimes forex, binary options and associated business are deemed to be too risky.

Our company is regulated and licensed to provide various financial services and has vast experience in the industry. We can take care of payments for you, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Your customers can start sending your payments in USD, EUR and other currencies through the bank tomorrow. Please contact us today to discuss your payment solution requirements.

We can help you to configure and connect all electronic payment options when you order a new White Label from us.

If you are planning to use credit cards or one of the well known electronic payment providers to accept customers’ payments, we can connect all such payment options to your website. Some payment options could be fully automated, meaning, the deposit made by the customer will automatically appear in his/her trading account.как готовить плов видеозарегистрироватся в яндексе