Prime Broker Solutions

Our Prime Brokerage service provides a wide range of solutions to brokers and fund managers. Our partners are able to use various hedging strategies while minimizing the risks of market exposure.
Our services provide a convenient trading environment, flexible leverage options and can help you to deal with any market conditions.

We work with you and guide you step by step to create a risk management and hedging strategy for your company and in some cases our dealers can help to hedge risks directly.

Case study 1:

A recently formed brokerage company is facing some difficult situations due to market volatility. While many clients of the broker are able to use strategies and EAs that allow then to profit in the market conditions, the broker feels unable to manage the mounting risk pressure. The broker contacts FBS. We identify the areas of concern, i.e. the currency pairs where the broker’s exposure is the greatest. Our dealers take the situation under control by hedging some of the risks on behalf of the broker. Some of the trades and customers of the broker pass under our risk management to insure that the risk is minimal.

Case study 2:

An experienced broker/fund manager who has his own risk management and hedging strategies has created a White Label with the help of FBS and is looking for better trading conditions to hedge his clients’ trades. FBS sets up a Coverage account for the partner with flexible floating or fixed leverage options and low spreads. The broker is able to see all his customers’ trades in one terminal, monitor his exposure and has access to various markets and instruments. This gives the broker full control over the situation and ability to hedge all risks in real time. As additional service the broker is provided with MAM/PAMM system free of charge.

We can tailor a prime brokerage solution for your company, specific for your needs. Please contact us to discuss.jouer coquinснип каркасные дома