Who we are?
We are a regulated securities and derivatives dealer with many years of trading experience.
Is it possible to set our own spreads?
Yes, our White Label partners can set their own spreads and trading conditions, which they think are mostly suitable to their business model.
Do we receive our customers’ funds?
Yes, your brokerage business needs to have corporate bank accounts, where can receive your customers’ funds.
Can we manage the deposits/withdrawals of our customers?
Yes, as an owner of your brokerage business, you manage the deposits and withdrawals of your customers.
We are unable to open an international bank account for our company due to local restrictions/lack of experience, etc. How can we accept and make payments to our customers?
Yes, we can help and provide a number of payment solutions. Please contact us for more details.
Do we have to have a brokerage license in order to start a White Label brokerage business?
We advise that you check with the jurisdiction where you plan to develop your business regarding the necessary licenses you might need to obtain.
We are not professional traders, but we have a customer base and we know how to market our business. Can we still participate in your White Label program?
Yes, of course you can. We offer a Risk Free White Label solution, which is suitable for those partners, who are not ready to handle the trading risk. We hedge their risks for them and pay Affiliate commission for referring customers to us.
We have the necessary knowledge and experience and feel that we would be able to handle all the risks associated with running a brokerage business ourselves. Is it possible for us to hedge our trading risks ourselves?
Yes. We can also assist you with basic hedging tactics.
I am having problems with advertising my White Label brokerage. I need more ideas. Can you assist me?
Yes, our Marketing department will provide you with information regarding various marketing strategies, which were successfully implemented by our company and our partners.
We need some training in Customer support sphere.
No problem, we will arrange training sessions with your Customer Support staff.
We would like to set up lower spreads, than the ones you offer.
It is possible. You give us the the spreads that you prefer, and we set them up in your White Label platform.
Does your company actually provide trading accounts for people to trade forex?
Yes, of course we do. If you are interested to trade forex or are an investment manager trading on behalf of other people, you can open an account with us. Click here to open a free practice account or to create a trading account to start trading.

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