FX Replitrader

FX Replitrader is an automatic trading facility which will supercharge your brokerage by driving more customers to it. It provides automatic trading signals to customers and allows them to trade “hand in hand” with other, more experienced traders around the world.

How can FX Replitrader drive traders to your brokerage business?

Many customers, especially those new to forex market, need tools to be able to make trading decisions. What could be better then the signals and tips from other, perhaps more professional traders? Better still, the signals are received by customers and the trades are made automatically, as if someone is managing the person’s account.

Imagine a customer who wants to trade, but now sure where to start? A few years ago you would give him tons of educational material to read, would send him to a seminar and so on. Not anymore. Who needs all the theory when you can have practical trading experience and guidance from experienced traders?

Automatic trading signals is a new trend. It puts customers in control of the trading as they can choose from hundreds of signals and strategies and disconnect the signals at any time.

Two ways you can use FX Replitrader to your advantage:

First, you can connect it to your existing website. Your existing customers will have a choice of signal providers and will connect to any of them automatically through our back end system. Your new customers would be prompted to open an account with you and then to connect a signal provider of their choice.

Second option is to have a complete system like FX Replitrader. This means that you will have your very own automatic trading platform and can add signal providers and connect customers to it yourself. The system can be implemented separately from your existing website and run as a separate business under a name of your choice. You can even connect other brokers to it and charge them a commission for using the system. Imagine being in control of the automatic trading platform where you can decide which signals to add, your customers can choose what signals to use and you can resell the service by offering other brokers to connect to it.

The system comes with back end administrator’ and clients’ screens, which are easy to implement on any website.
Either of the two options may be supplied as part of the Forex White Label agreement or as a separate product. Please contact us to discuss how FX Replitrader system can move your business to a new level.раскрутка сайта на яндексетакое каркасный дом