Open an Account

Although we specialize in providing services to finance industry professionals, our trading service is also open to retail customers. If you are our White Label partner, you will need an account for hedging purposes. If you are a retail customer, please feel free to open a practice demo account or to apply for a trading account to start trading in forex and CFDs.

Open an account and start trading in a matter of minutes. You can trade FX, gold and silver as well as shares and index CFDs from a single account.

General Account Parameters

Minimum deposit
No limit
1:200 (for accounts with balance of up to $500 the leverage is 1:500)
Usual lot size
FX Spreads
1-4 points on major pairs (1-1.8 pip on EURUSD)
1-6 points for cross currency rates
Overnight rollovers
Expert Advisors
Allowed. Customers can open opposite trades on the same forex pair from one trading account.

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