Complete Business Solution

We provide a turn-key business solution for your forex or binary options business. Starting with pre-order advice and until the launch of your brokerage business. This includes among other things creation of the website, connecting of the payment options and datafeeds, connecting of trading platforms and supporting tools such as MAM/PAMM terminals and so on. We also can take care of liquidity and risk management of your business.

Pre-order consultations

We will discuss your business objectives with you and the best way to achieve them. If you require licensing support, we may be able to recommend a solution for that as well.

Website creation

We design and create a website for your company complete with logo, registration and inquiry forms, account opening links and so on. Depending on your requirements we can add administration/back office suite for you to manage your business, online trader’s room for your customers and referral system for your Introducing Brokers who will be referring customers to you.

Hedging and liquidity

Over the years we gained experience that would allow us to deal with any market risk situation. Most importantly we provide quotes from a number of major liquidity providers. Read more about Risk Management and Liquidity.

Ongoing broker training and consultations

Our services don’t stop with a launch of your brokerage. On demand we can provide training and consultations in regards to marketing, risk management, hedging and other aspects of the business.

Risk Management and Liquidity

If you are an experienced broker or just starting your independent forex brokerage business, you may find your self dealing with various trading risks. Certain categories of customers may require your constant attention. And just like your customers, you are also vulnerable to the currency prices fluctuations when it comes to hedging. We provide the complete risk management solution. This includes the Risk Management suit which helps you to identify and deal with potential risk situations.
We also provide the Prime Broker services. What this means is that we provide the best quotes and high liquidity for your hedging transactions. In some situations we can take some of your clients and/or trades under our direct control, thus reducing your trading risk to a minimum.
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More customers for your business

We offer a unique tool that will drive traders to your business. A FX Replitrader trading system allows customers to trade together with other successful traders around the world. The system is completely automated. Your customers would need to choose which trader or signal provider they would like to receive signals from. After that, sit back and watch the trades appear on their accounts. This is every new comer’s ultimate dream – that more experienced trader would manage his account for him. Adding this system to our website would immediately add more publicity to your business and attract new traders to it. Of course all customers who sign up with FX Replitrader are made aware that there is no guarantee of profits – after all one trader’s strategy is different from another one’s. However, the ability to use other traders experience and to automate the trading process gives forex trading an extra edge.раскрутка сайтоваудит продвижения сайта