Why should you create a white label with us?

  • You do not need to spend time and money creating or purchasing your own trading platform. Setting up your own trading system will take many months and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in software licenses and technical expenses. Experience shows, that most companies need from 6 months to 2 years to complete the preliminary stage and to start operating in the market. We offer you a ready-made solution which allows you to start trading in a matter of weeks. All you need is your website.
  • We offer full support and provide servers and datafeeds.
  • We have technical and trading experience in running such business and would be able to help you to start your business faster.
  • We can offer you a risk free business solution where we will hedge all your customers’ trades, thus reducing your trading risks.
  • You are becoming a fully operational Forex broker with your own clients and trading platform in the matter of few weeks.

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